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Amazing video of Maya Bay business Heaven

Amazing video of Maya Bay business Heaven This area of Siam may be a true paradise on earth, it's not nonetheless man remains just about untapped . wherever is that the best leisure tourists swimming, building sand castles , diving into the water or encampment with friends. Maya Bay may be a bay on the island of Koh alphabetic character alphabetic character lupus erythematosus stunning and rattling , Koh alphabetic character alphabetic character in Siam that's a section of the ground consists of six islands . Trip to Maya Bay may be a true story as a result of you'll have the chance to observe the attractive islands and you'll be able to visit them by boat . Bay Maya enclosed on 3 sides by 3 rocky height is a hundred meters . There ar many hidden beach within the bay , most of that ar tiny and a few of them seem once the mode disappears . the most beach is concerning two hundred meters from the white sand and gently lined. Underwater colourful coral and tropical fish swimming in clear water they're quite notice . when photography the scenes of Maya Bay "The Beach" leading applied scientist DiCaprio , alphabetic character alphabetic character is one among the most holidaymaker attractions . The best time to go to Maya Bay , the holidaymaker season from Gregorian calendar month to Apr, the Andaman Sea is calm and straightforward access to the Gulf . the foremost common activities within the space and go underneathwater diving within the Gulf of tourists the chance to envision the attractive and superb plants and animals under the ocean provides . the most diving locations include: Loveh Samah (Loh Samah), Maya Bay entrance and Palvng Bay . Kayak down another common sport . If you're curious about researching the history of antique paintings within the cave to envision the Vikings . source : پشتی طبی باراد

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