Inspired, strengthened and sustained by faith, the Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing is committed to confronting the unconscionable and unacceptable reality of homelessness in New York City. Recognizing society's shared responsibility and working as partners with those who have experienced homelessness, the Assembly will mobilize communities of faith to empower all people, to advocate public policies to eliminate homelessness, and strive for the transformation of society.

The strongest case against the Obama administration’s economic policy goes something like this

Ezra Klein:

Early on, the Obama administration misunderstood the unusual nature of the crisis. You can see it in its forecasts, which predicted a rapid, “V”-shaped recovery even if Congress didn’t pass a stimulus bill. And you can see it in the administration’s policies, which focused on supporting the financial system while it kickstarted growth by putting people back to work, handing out tax cuts and stopping state and local governments from laying people off.

The precise nature of the administration’s misunderstanding was that the key problem was household debt, and until that problem was solved the economy couldn’t recover. But while it had a clear strategy for attacking bad debt in the banking system, and a clear strategy for attacking the fall in consumer spending, it never had a clear strategy for reducing housing debt.

Instead, the administration believed that the best and fairest way to fix the housing system was to fix the economy. If people had jobs and tax cuts and unemployment insurance, they would be able to pay their mortgages and they would be able to buy new homes and that would take care of the housing problem.

That did not take care of the problem– it did not come close to taking care of the problem.

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NYCHA board sitting on nearly $1B in fed cash

The New York City Housing Authority and its board members have failed to spend nearly $1 billion that it has been hoarding since 2009 to make life more livable for the 400,000 residents of its 334 developments, the Daily News has learned.

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Skid Row: Discussion on BronxNet of Movie Documenting Homelessness

Interfaith Assembly Executive Director Marc Greenberg interviewed on BronxNet along with Pras Michel of the Fugies and Orlando Ward of Volunteers of America on the Movie "Skid Row" as a tool to raise awareness of the homeless crisis.

Marc on NY1 discussing Advantage

This June, Marc Greenberg, the Executive Director of IAHH, was interviewed by NY1 as part of a report on the court case involving the Advantage Program, where he reaffirms the need for the NYC government to rental assistance to families and individuals, many of whom are now or will soon be back in homeless shelters.

Priority NYCHA Referrals for Homeless Families Will Save Millions

In response to a request by New York Coalition for the Homeless, New York City Independent Budget Office studied the budgetary imapact restoring priority referral to public housing for homeless families. IBO reports back that prority referral for homeless families would reduce shelter costs by $29.4-million per year, with the savings to the city's portion of the costs being reduced by $11-million per year.

Read the Independent Budget Offices report.


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