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Winding Down at Main Chance

Dear Interfaith Assembly, Good afternoon and greetings in Jesus' name!!! Hope all are doing well. As my time in Main Chance Drop-In Center winds down, I find myself wondering about this new path God is leading me in. I have no choice but to follow it faithfully. I will miss some of the people there, but as of tomorrow, it is time to move on and up to the next step in independence. I thank Main Chance for giving me the chance to stay there, thank Interfaith Assembly for giving me another chance, and most of all, thank God for providing blessings and ways to survive despite me being on a public assistance sanction. Not once did He take His promises or fail in His word to me. Main Chance Drop-In Center is a good start for someone who is trying to get back on their feet, but they are woefully equipped to handle some folks' issues (mental illness, depression, etc.). I guess they try the best they can, though. They could stand to have a little more compassion, and not try to group everyone in 'you're homeless because you're on drugs & alcohol' stigma. The food could also stand some improvement. Janitor/Maintenance staff does a over- and -beyond the call of duty job to keep the place clean. The churches that I went to at night for a nights' sleep, the volunteers were generally nice and full of love and understanding, especially at St. Paul the Apostle and Holy Family. I will miss them immensely, but as I said, it's time to move on. God willing, I'll have something to say about the new place that I'm going to in the Bronx, starting on Monday. God bless and see you later, Henry Gray

In the Streets

Greetings!!! At this time, I really have no comment about anything, but as days and weeks go by, I'll have something to say. God bless!!!!!! Henry


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